CARVYKTI® is a BCMA-directed CAR-T CELL therapy

CARVYKTI® is an autologous immunotherapy in which a patient’s T cells are genetically modified to encode a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) to find and destroy B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA)–expressing cells. BCMA is overexpressed on the surface of malignant multiple myeloma B-lineage cells; it is also expressed on the surface of late-stage B cells and plasma cells.

CAR-T With 2 BCMA-Targeting Single-Domain Antibodies

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CAR-T=chimeric antigen receptor-T cell.

Correlation of the mechanism of action with clinical effect has not been established.

Manufacturing CARVYKTI® CAR-T cells

At the manufacturing site, the patient’s T cells are isolated and genetically modified to express the CARVYKTI® CAR.


Manufacturing Step - Isolation

The patient's collected cells are cryopreserved and shipped from the leukapheresis center to the manufacturing site. After thawing, the T cells are isolated



The patient’s T cells are then genetically reprogrammed to express a CAR that targets BCMA with 2 distinct binding domains*



These anti-BCMA CARVYKTI® CAR-T cells are then expanded in cell culture, washed, put into a suspension, checked for quality control, and cryopreserved for transport to the Certified Treatment Center

BCMA=B-cell maturation antigen; CAR=chimeric antigen receptor; CAR-T=chimeric antigen receptor-T cell.

*Correlation of the mechanism of action with clinical effect has not been established.

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